Role of League Contacts 2014-15
This page contains, in addition to the main role of the league contact, dates of forthcoming meetings relevant to our constituent clubs.

The League Contact forms the vital link between clubs and between the League's Officers and Committee, and vice versa. He is the person in his club responsible to the league and its member clubs for performing any functions as required by the league, and notifying the league of any changes to club officers and their details. To assist League Contacts, the following is a calendar of dates of particular significance:-

Generally To receive Notices and Minutes of all League Meetings and to ensure that his Club is represented at General Meetings and comply with directives (as and when appropriate).
  To notify the League's Hon. Secretary of any changes to personnel and/or addresses both postal and/or email, and phone numbers detailed in the League Directory's page for his Club.

April to September To ensure that results are submitted and to check that results and league tables as published are correct. ALL SIDES are responsible for reporting the result online to the Play-Cricket league website by 10.00 a.m. on the Sunday immediately after the game.
June 30th of month - last opportunity to submit to the Hon. Secretary an application for the transfer of a club member or the registration of an overseas player submitted by a club's committee.
September 1st of month - last opportunity to submit to the Hon. Secretary rule change proposals submitted by a club's committee.

Annual Dinner (Friday 10th October 2015)

Last opportunity to notify the Hon. Fixture Secretary of any dates in the ensuing season when grounds will be unavailable. (Points may be deducted for failing to comply with this requirement.)

November Last opportunity to enter the Cup Competition in the ensuing season. Entries to be submitted to the League's Hon. Secretary. Representation required at the League's Annual General Meeting on Wednesday, 12th November 2015.
Early/Mid December

Treasurers). Clubs to make payments of the foregoing subscriptions and Cricket Ball orders by 31st January. (Failure to meet this requirement will result in those clubs losing their cricket ball subsidies and the risk of other penalties.)

Late Dec/Jan To receive League and Cup Fixtures for the ensuing season.
January To ensure that subscriptions have been paid and that cricket ball orders have been submitted and paid for.
February League Directory Pro-Forma to be completed and submitted. This will be emailed to each contact.
April Next year's Open Meeting, 8th April 2015 - to be represented and to receive:- a) Cricket Balls, b) League Directories, c) any other information. There is a £50 penalty for non-attendance.

Dates of Committee meetings in 2014 and other future dates:

14th May
18th June
16th July
20th August
17th September
22nd October
10th December (new committee)

Open Meeting 2014
Wednesday 9th April 2014
at the Bill Wickham Pavilion Buxted Park at 7.30 p.m.

Open Meeting 2015
Wednesday 8th April 2015
at the Bill Wickham Pavilion Buxted Park at 7.30 p.m.

League Season 2015
Notice is given that in 2015 the league season will run from Saturday 9th May to Saturday 5th September inclusive.

Annual Dinner 2014
Friday 10th October 2014, 7.30-8.00 p.m.
at Langney Sports Club, Priory Lane, Eastbourne, Sussex, BN23 7QH

Annual General Meeting 2014
Wednesday 12th November 2014
at the Bill Wickham Pavilion Buxted Park at 7.30 p.m.