League Umpires - 2012


Saunders, Jim, 10 Lavant Road, Stone Cross, Pevensey, East Sussex BN24 5EZ



(07745) 586 957 jim.saunders1@tesco.net



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Welcome to the umpires' panel of the Parker Building Supplies East Sussex Cricket League.

This is a senior cricket league played in a very competitive manner by the member clubs, so it is expected that having taken your course you also have some previous umpiring experience at club level.

It is hoped that the following information will assist in making your introduction easier. It is expected that panel umpires will turn out in a regulatory manner of attire such as black or dark blue trousers, white footwear, white shirt, blouson or coat and hat. Both umpires should be similarly dressed with or without a tie.

You will be provided with a copy of the league's directory and you can access all necessary information by going to http://www.escl.org.uk where you will find:
1. the league and club officials
2. playing conditions and regulations
3. location of grounds
4. ECB guidelines for juniors playing in adult games

In recent years, we have achieved the establishment of independent umpires in Divisions 1 and 2 and it is to be hoped that as members increase in number, we shall be able to supply these to lower divisions. We will however continue to encourage and recruit members to the panel and provide a pathway for all those who wish to develop their skills and move up the ladder and achieve the ultimate ambition.

An "Application and Availability" document is available on request by contacting the coordinator. This is also sent to all panel members annually in order to keep our records updated. Appointments are sent out in three batches of six weeks each and the final two weeks to those available and selected on an individual basis, two weeks before they are due to stand.

A system of Universal Assessment was introduced in 2010 - where all umpires standing in Divisions 1 and 2 will be marked by the team captains independently, and these marked cards will be forwarded to reach the league by the Tuesday following the game. This system will enable the league committee to monitor standards and implement support systems aimed at keeping our standards high.

All new umpires will be appointed a mentor who will help them to settle in, and who will be available to discuss and help to resolve any issues and to give support or clarify any of the Laws, which may require explanation.

Before leaving home, you are advised to check the match starting time from your league directory or from the website if you do not already have one, and ensure you have all the relevant documents and items you need with you. Allow sufficient time to travel bearing in mind travel conditions and location of the ground. Aim to arrive 45 minutes before the start, which will give you time to become familiar with the ground, its facilities or any local rules or restrictions. You should also meet with your colleague to view the play area, boundary markings etc to ensure that all is in order well in advance. The captain of the team to which you have been allocated is responsible for paying your fee (currently £25) a new match ball, and fully completed team sheets. The team sheet must show details of junior players and their age group, and you should use this to follow the ECB guidelines on open age cricket, fielding regulations, fast bowling directives and the use of helmets and face protectors. The team sheets must also be signed on the back by the captains.

You should aim to be available when the toss is taken to discuss all of these points with the captains and to answer any questions they may have.

The home club is responsible for supplying spare balls to reduce the likelihood of time being wasted looking for balls lost around the ground.

At the end of the innings check with your colleague and scorers and agree the score. Try to ensure that the scoreboard is updated regularly, generally every over and in the last five overs when every run is scored. Before leaving the ground remember to thank the other members of your team (the scorers) and to complete the match report card with your colleague, and forward it to reach the secretary before the Friday after the game is played.

Whilst the league is competitive, we hope that all players play in a fair manner in accordance with the Spirit of Cricket as set out in the Preamble to the Laws. Largely we believe this is so, but occasionally there may be instances of bad behaviour. If there is an incident of poor discipline, consult with your colleague discussed with the captain who is responsible for team discipline, and if necessary sending a report to the league secretary for disciplinary action. Please also inform the coordinator of the incident via an e-mail. (See Code of Conduct Appendix B). We hope that you will enjoy your time with us and if you have any questions or want further information, or indeed have any suggestions to make please contact me or the Hon Secretary. We value your views and opinions and of course your services on the field of play.

Jim Saunders
10 Lavant Road
Stone Cross BN24 5EZ
Telephone (01323) 469003 mobile (07745) 586 957